19 thoughts on “You Asked for It: Can God Fix my Marriage?

  1. Pastor Josh Joines is spot on. I love his talks. I can really feel a lot of positive energy from him. At the end about God, it hit me hard and got me crying for a while. I felt a lot of light and God in the room. I really wish the prayer was recorded for this video. Thank you for uploading and making this video (and his others) available. God bless!

  2. My husband and I have been together for 5 years, he left about a week ago and says he isn’t coming back. He also told me not to contact him unless it’s about my son. I have treated him so badly for the past 3 years and I am so regretful. I just want to show him that I’m trying to change through God and that I am becoming the wife I should’ve been. But he just keeps rejecting me. Please pray for our marriage, I just want God to give us forgiveness, heal our pain and to be able to mend our marriage. My prayers go out to anyone else going through a hard time.

    1. May Lucena dear May I’m in the same situation as you. I feel your pain. I lost my husband through my own mistakes and he went with another woman. I pray daily for his return to his family. God is good, he will restore our marriages if we have faith and hope and love. Xxx bless you, I hope it works out for you xx

    2. May Lucena any updates? I’m in a similar situation but my husband believes God wants him to divorce me. I was rotten the first year of our marriage but the last 4 have been good. He’s used issues we had at the beginning of our marriage as merit to leave. 🙁

    3. Kay Martin he’s believing a lie! God doesn’t like divorce. Grap his cap or a piece of clothing of his and pray over it.

  3. Praise the lord for the internet that the best message for marriage,there is no other way for a relationship o work, the God who create us has to be in the middle of it otherwise we are going to fail because without him we cant do nothing

  4. My divorce comes through this week. Can I still pray for reconciliation? Can I pray God gives my ex a heart for me again? We were together for 24 yrs.

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