9 thoughts on “Your Attitude Can Save Your Marriage

  1. Thank you for posting your helpful videos. I have recently just broke up with my boyfriend and am try to come to understandings why I seem to keep falling for mentally unstable men. I keep getting into relationships with men who start off so loving but seem to have these mental brake downs. My current ex said he was feeling susidal and depressed and was worried that he might hurt me if I stayed with him. How do I support him and deal with these situations but also not take it personally?

  2. you need to know that it’s not too late to recover your marriage! i have had my share of hard times recently but im happy to say i love my partner now. have a look at this site… bitly.com16tKh0u

  3. I recently left my husband after 34 years together. I miss him , however, I had to accept that being with him I was not loving myself. I believe I’m pretty fare and was generally able to turn the other cheek. In doing so I endured so much . His compulsive lying, (mostly on me ), had isolated me from having friends, or simply from getting a hello from the grocery store clerk, apt. mannager, or even from strangers in the park. His lies were designed to issolate me, and he was very successful at it. I love, and miss some things about him, but I can not/ will not accept the abusuve lies. IF we were to get together I want him to love me. Love doesn’t seek to destroy . Please pray for us.

    1. Dear Edras E. Moran,  no we haven’t gotten back together. So far we both seem to be stuck in this unhealthy dance. I seem to so strongly feel  that I somehow love and need him. I am the classic codependant He moved a mere 2 blocks from me as he too needs me, He is , and most likely always will be, a narcissist, and I

    2. +Alocinder Please turn to prayer and be reconciled to your husband!!! I have been married 8 months and my marriage is in trouble but I am telling u pleseeease if he poses no physical danger to be reconciled to him and pray. please because there is nothing out there in this world. take it from a woman in her 20s. marriage is honorable in all things. Pray diligently for him and love him and let him be imperfect and let The Father change him. No telling what u will get next! I am praying for u and it at sound easier said than done. LIFT him up in that area and speak life into him. I beg you!!! Don’t throw away 34 years… and don’t give it away to someone else.

  4. Hey did you know that Fabian is getting calls from his ex again? (he wanted her back secretly back hehe)I know! She swears by the advice given by this guy named Treitan Mellory (who I will google by the way). Maybe then I’ll understand what’s all the hype about the guy.

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